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To achieve a global industry transformation with increased sustainability, we need to focus on competence, funding, and resource efficiency. This is often referred to as the “green shift,” and will lead to major changes in the way we live and the way we produce as well as develop our products, technology, and industry. This shift brings up large and complex matters that requires development, dedicated participation, commitment, and interaction across industries. To succeed in this global competition, it is crucial for our industry to highlight valuable industry projects in cooperation.

Together with our industry partners, the Kongsberg Cluster focuses on new technology, complex systems, building new competence, and sharing experiences. By working together, it is easier to succeed and adopt new technologies.

The Kongsberg Cluster is a national competence cluster consisting of a wide range of partners from several industries in Norway. Our goal is to be a valuable cluster that support the industry in strengthening their global competitiveness.

Cooperation and innovation

Together with our members, we collaborate on innovation projects to explore new business opportunities and to develop and implement new technology that will shape our future and strengthen our role in the green shift. The cluster has decades of tradition for cooperation and innovation and focuses on activities that are of high national and international importance.

Since June 2021, the Kongsberg Cluster have been certified at the highest level in EU, with the gold label from the European Commission. Our mission is to be the driving force for strengthening the competitiveness of our cluster members through faster innovation, smart use of new technology and a strong sharing culture.

Innovation projects


Norwegian Battery Packing Network
The goal of BATNET is to ensure that Norway takes a leading position in the global battery value chain and to position Norway for the green shift.


Norwegian Advanced Design and Innovation Centre, is a national test and competence center within design for additive manufacturing. Rethink’s mission is to offer performance products to Norwegian structural engineers.

Test and Competence Center

Engaged partners from various industries in Kongsberg are collaborating to realize an arena for collaboration and development of new technology and innovation.


A collaborative framework that helps engineers and designers create innovative systems that can create value for the end user. H-SEIFs ambition is to make digitalization and big data more usable.

Industry Pilot

The industry pilot in Kongsberg focuses competitiveness and long-term sustainability for Norwegian industry. The goal is to accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0 through competence enhancement and strategic development projects. Industry 4.0 is about digital transformation where complex processes must be automated to an even greater degree than before.

AI Clinic Node

A cluster-to-cluster cooperation between Kongsberg Cluster, Cluster for applied AI, Digital Norway, and NCE Smart Energy Markets. The project will build a bridge between suppliers and industry players within industry 4.0 as well as facilitate competence sharing and collaborative projects related to advanced use of data and AI for companies in Viken.

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Cluster Members


Team Kongsberg Cluster

Lars Lyshaug

Head of Cluster Projects, Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon // +47 901 40 286
E-post // lars.lyshaug@ki.no

Ole B. Hoen

Head of Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon // +47 924 12 797
E-post // ole.hoen@k-i.no

Tina Edvardsen

Head of Communication, Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon // +47 992 24 252
E-post // tina.edvardsen@k-i.no

Peter Due

Sr. Business Developer & Partner Manager

Telefon // +47 970 52 410
E-post // peter.due@k-i.no

Ottar Sundheim

Project Manager, Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon // +47 924 12 424
E-post // ottar.sundheim@k-i.no

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