Together we can do so much

Who we are and what we do

Kongsberg Innovation is an industry-based business incubator, investor and innovation company operating all over Norway. We support ambitious entrepreneurs, small businesses and well-established companies who share our passion for growth, innovation, and scalable business ideas.

We contribute to increased innovation and growth by utilizing our extensive network of experts from leading high-tech industry. Our goal is to guide our customers through an efficient innovation process and to be a resource that opens opportunities for growth companies.

Philosophy and idea

Kongsberg Innovation was established in 2003 to contribute to the development and growth of new and existing tech companies. Through our close cooperation with our owners, the high-tech industry, and other collaborators we ensure that ideas, companies, and innovation projects accelerate. We are the link between entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, investors, and the high-tech industry. We believe that collaboration creates a win-win situation for all parties. Innovation in collaboration creates long-term value creation and success. By playing on each other you can achieve much more. By playing on each other you can achieve much more. Collaboration contributes to competence enhancement and increased competitiveness.

Our Team

Svein-Olav Torø

Chief Executive Officer

Telefon // +47 982 14 015
E-post //

Åsmund Bjørnstad

Head of Startup Programs

Telefon // +47 975 04 311
E-post //

Ole B. Hoen

Head of Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon //+47 924 12 797
E-post //

Fredrik Aronsen

Business Developer

Telefon //+47 954 80 249
E-post //

Lars Lyshaug

Project Manager, Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon //+47 901 40 286
E-post //

Ottar Sundheim

Business Developer

Telefon //+47 924 12 424
E-post //

Tina Edvardsen

Head of Communication, Kongsberg Cluster

Telefon // +47 992 24 252
E-post //

Mats Hagland

Business Developer

Telefon //+47 905 89 626
E-post //

Peter Due

Sr. Business Developer

Torkil Bjørnson

Project Manager

Telefon // +47 920 37 160
E-post //

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