We help you with global scaling


Kongsberg Innovasjon and BI Norwegian Business School demand-driven scaleup programs that enable Norwegian tech-companies to scale internationally. We support your company through diverse programs, connect your business to international industrial projects and help you close business deals. Our scaling team cooperates with a large and global network of world leading institutions and innovation hubs in China, the U.S and Europe.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem mobilizes knowledge and skills from the core innovation hubs of the world to advance society and businesses. We strive to create a unique platform for global scaling of Norwegian technology in cooperation with world leading academic institutions, business incubators, clusters, and industry partners. We believe that working in collaboration with others, can open opportunities for stronger innovation, with increased potential for success.

Our focus

  • Help technology-based startup and scaleup companies to scale globally (through programs and projects)
  • Support large industrial companies to scale innovation and technology internationally (through large industrial projects)
  • Help Norwegian companies to finance international growth
  • Connect tech-companies with our global network of world leading institutions and innovation hubs
  • Create industrial value chains within: Hydrogen, renewable energy, health tech, and maritime technology

Our latest news

Scaleup Programs

Ocean Tech

Ocean Tech Scaling Program is a program that helps tech entrepreneurs and companies with high growth potential to scale their business globally.


GlobalScaleX is a growth camp for fast-growing technology companies who want to build capabilities to the next stage and keep on growing.

Boosting Exports

Norway is dependent on strengthening exports from established industries and building new ones. An overarching goal for Kongsberg Innovation is to prepare companies and the Norwegian economy for the future by creating new jobs in export-oriented knowledge industries.