We help companies grow faster


Kongsberg Innovation offers a wide range of services that supports your company with development and growth. What differentiate us from other business incubators is the close cooperation with industry experts. We utilize experts from leading high-tech industry to accelerate your business.

Through our expertise, investments, and consulting, we contribute to a rapid business acceleration of promising technology-based companies.

Get to know some of our portfolio companies


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Startup programs

Kongsberg HOW

KongsbergHOW is an acceleration program where ambitious tech-startups meets industry leaders from Kongsberg Innovation’s extensive network.

DeepTech Alliance

DeepTech Alliance is an alliance that helps deep tech startups into new European markets. Kongsberg Innovation is one out of nine European alliance partners.

CFO Startup Academy

CFO Startup Academy is an intensive course where technology-based startups and early-stage scaleups builds CFO-skills (Chief Financial Officer skills).

Pre-Seed Fund

Kongsberg Innovation has long experience in developing startups and growth companies. Funding is critical for any business. Our pre-seed fund combines pre-seed investments with business development and industry expertise from our extensive network. We support the companies we invest in through technology development, market entry, and growth.

Who do we seek?

Kongsberg Innovation supports ambitious entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, and SMEs all over Norway.

We seek ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses that:

  • Develops a technical solution to industrial problems
  • Has global growth potential
  • Develops a sustainable solution

If your idea meets this criteria’s. We might be the right innovation partner for you!

Why choose us as innovation partner?

Kongsberg Innovation offers a unique industry collaboration. We are owned by world leading tech-companies and utilize resources from our owners to support new and established growth companies. We have an experienced team of business developers and communication advisors with experience from global industry and consulting. Our advisory program is long-term focused. We know that it takes time to develop high-tech solutions, and we are committed to support your company over several years.

We have an extensive network of partners such as industry, international incubators, and investors. An example is DeepTech Alliance – an international alliance that consist of Europe’s best university-connected deep tech accelerators.