Kyoto Group

Green energy available for everyone


Established: 2016

Industry: Renewable Energy

Kongsberg Innovation: Active owner since 2016

Listed: 2021

About Kyoto Group

Kyoto Group develops solutions for thermal energy storage. Kongsberg Innovation have had an active ownership in the company since 2016. We have, among other things, contribute with business development, technology expertise from our industrial network, and early-stage funding.

Kyoto Group develops solutions for capturing and managing energy from renewable energy sources. The company is, for instance, developing an innovative, economically affordable, and modular solution for thermal energy storage, which has been named the Kyoto Heatcube. In 2021, the company was listed on Euronext Growth (Oslo Stock Exchange).

Contact person

Åsmund Lunnan Bjørnstad

Head of Startup Programs

Telefon // +47 975 04 311
E-post //