CFO Startup Academy

Build CFO-skills to strengthen your company


Together with BDO and the Tequity Cluster, Kongsberg Innovation offers an educational program that focuses on the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role of tech-startups and early-phase scaleups. Throughout the educational program, expertise is provided to build financial skills and network that will strengthen participating companies and their CFO-competence.


Next program: 2023
Course fee: 1000 NOK (covers location fee and catering)

Who do we seek?

We seek ambitious tech-startups and early-phase scaleups that wants to build the necessary skills and network to fund future growth. Participating companies, needs to meet our criteria’s. The company:

  • Develops a technological solution to industrial problems
  • Has global growth potential
  • Develops a sustainable solution

Our program is delivered by


What do we offer?

We offer an intensive course with highly skilled lecturers from Kongsberg Innovation, BDO, SANDS, Innovation Norway, VC investors and industrial investors. The course will focus on CFO-areas such as:

  • Tax and law
  • Financial accounting
  • Investor pitching
  • Early-stage funding
  • VC/PE funding
  • Industrial exit
  • Public funding

Why participate?

CFO-skills are especially important for startups and early-phase scaleups in order to structure the company towards profitability. Building CFO-competence internally will contribute to strengthen your company and to make sure that it is financially rigged for future growth. GThrough the CFO Startup Academy Program, we enhance your knowledge and skills to strengthen and accelerate your company.

Contact person

Mats Hagland

Program Manager, CFO Startup Academy

Telefon // +47 905 89 626
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