About Scaleup

We help you with global scaling

What we do

Kongsberg Innovation offers a wide range of services that support your company with development and growth. What differentiate us from other business incubators is the close cooperation with industry experts. We utilize experts from leading high-tech industry to accelerate your business.


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Kongsberg HOW

KongsbergHOW is a program where tech-startups meets industry leaders from our industrial network.

Deeptech Alliance

DeepTech Alliance helps promising startups to to accelerate their business into European markets.

CFO Startup Academy

CFO Startup Academy, is an educational program for tech-startups and early-phase scaleups.

Investments program

Kongsberg Innovation offers financial and sweat-for-equity investments to selected high-potential incubator companies. We strongly believe in an active ownership and invest only in companies that can benefit from the expertise offered by Kongsberg Innovation and our industrial network.

Investment criteria’s. The company:

  • Offers/develops a technological solution to an industrial problem
  • Has high global growth potential
  • Offers/develops a sustainable solution
  • Has an attractive and clear business model
  • Contributes to value creation in Norway
  • Has a strong and ambitious team
  • Can show a clear exit strategy